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Intelligent, Informed, Independent and (occasionally) Irreverent

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Welcome to

White Hat

Information about Melbourne, Australia and the planet which is Informed, Intelligent, Independent and (occasionally) Irreverent.

During COVID-19 precautions, White Hat will continuosly monitor as many events and attractions as we can in an attempt to provide information about those we have confirmed to be operating normally and those we have confirmed to be temporarily closed.

With many thousands of listings on our website and information changing rapidly our listings can only be treated as advisory.

In particular, those events or venues marked with:

Green tick

To the best of White Hat’s knowledge, this event or location is operating as usual despite COVID-19 precautions. However, due to rapidly changing conditions, always double check with the organiser or institution before making a special trip.


Red cross

To the best of White Hat’s knowledge, this event or location is currently cancelled, postponed or suspended due to COVID-19 precautions. If in doubt check with the organiser or institution involved. White Hat will constantly monitor events and venues in an attempt to update listings when conditions change.

.. have been recently checked. Treat all other listings as things that would normally be on that day and requiring checking before making a special trip.

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